Palwal, Haryana

I always believed in technology, we have a smartphone in our family it looks fast, easy and transparent. Komal Singh Chauhan our Entrepreneurship Development Office scanned our Aadhar Cards and cleared our doubts related to technology through his tab. I was very relieved with the idea of Cashless disbursement because for a shop we can’t exhaust the money in one go and we used the money as per requirement and rest of the money was safe in account. But what amazed us the most was credit bureau check, some of the villagers were rejected during this check and I was happy that I passed, however we had taken loan in past from other companies and we paid it obediently. Komal Bhaiya informed me that I have a good credit history and I smiled knowing that the sincere past makes us successful in our present. I was happy that Komal bhaiya politely cleared all our doubts and helped us in processing the loan, our relationship with SATYA looks prosperous.

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