Exemplary Landing Page Designs To Boost Your Sale

Being an established Landing Page Design Agency in India, we know what would work best for your business in the online world. The landing page is perhaps the most powerful when it comes to attracting visitors to a website. An effectively designed landing page contains images and impactful content that automatically encourages visitors to take action.

Lots of research goes into selecting the most appropriate technique for designing the landing page since that is what creates the primary impression on the visitors. Besides, the landing pages also need to be set up and optimized to offer the best viewing experience.

    Designing landing pages can be divided into three broad divisions as discussed below:
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Landing Page Design
  • This is a method of buying visitors to the branded e-commerce site. The website owners or advertisers provide ads of their products/services. The advertiser pays a fee to the publisher like Google each time the ad is clicked. Meanwhile, the visitor reaches the landing page for the branded site. The best PPC Landing Page Design should prompt visitors to respond positively to call-to-action. This landing page should encourage a visitor to register as a new member for trading the branded services and/or products of e-commerce.

  • Creative Landing Page design
  • The goal of Creative Landing Page design should convert website visitors to turn to potential customers. New visitors can be encouraged to try products, fill forms and purchase products and services. Since there is tough market competition, the branded landing page should persuade the visitors to try products.

  • Email & PPC Landing Page Design
  • Top Companies campaign via Email & PPC Landing Page Design for better returns on investments. In addition to creating PPC advertisements and/or opening email, branded Companies should design for campaigning too. Campaign landing page (micro-site) provides information on customer’s interests since this page is designed with response to the campaign.

Ads or Google AdWords is globally the best system for creating PPC advertisements, branded Companies should use the software. This Ads platform enables all e-commerce advertisers to create their ads. Also, the ads appear on all Google properties including a search engine. Google Ads work as a pay-per-click model so the advertisers get to bid on the keywords and decide on the fees to pay per ad click. Based on advertiser's ad ranks and CPC Bid, Google decides on the ranking of the Company on the list. Get the best Landing Page Design for adwords to get the most conversions.

In order to make the most of this advertising move forward, one should land the Ad page with the home page of their website. This can be done by letting a website maintenance company take care of the PPC Landing Page Maintenance for the most profitable results from online advertising.

This system ensures the winning advertisers make potential customers within the Company's budget. Your search for the most trusted Landing Page Design Company ends here, as we are here to help you. To get the best and effective PPC campaign Landing Page Designs, contact us today and our team members would be happy to guide you.

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